We believe retreats:
  • Are not just for the elite. Our retreats are well-priced

  • Should offer you opportunities to be involved and respect your decision to be or to choose not to be

  • Should not involve extreme detoxing, diet restrictions or suffering...we have normal life for that!

  • Should be nourishing, nuturing and fun

  • Should be inclusive and safe

  • Should involve new experiences when and if clients want to participate (otherwise it's ok to say No and do your own thing)

  • Should value our clients and provide tools to ensure you can take things back to your normal life

  • Should make you feel like you want to come back again

Our retreats:
  • Range from one day to one week in duration

  • Are targetted to specific groups based on feedback

  • Are facilitated by us and people who hold the same values as us

  • Include:

    • Menopausal Madness

    • Giving Love to the Carer

    • Exhale

    • Support for Women in High Pressure Roles

    • Entrepreneur Workspace

    • F*#k me, that wasn't on my bucket list!

    • Retreat for one ( I love this one for people who don't want to people!!)


We have a super exciting concept on it's way so check back with us soon to have a play...