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There are a few things I am passionate about in this area:

  1. We shouldn't make the need to communicate our frustrations or normal emotions into a medical Medicare billable item that sends you to a psychologist. Do not get me wrong there is a time and place for psychologists, pyschiatrists, medical intervention and other serious treatments and we should all have access to these services BUT there are other times where a referral to a psychologist has become an easy way for GPs to pass patients and their concerns off to another scientist. We deserve better.

  2. We as women we are taught so often to put ourselves last, to ask for less, to expect the minimum and to be the carer/ the giver to others and so sometimes conciously or unconciously we will self sabotage or let our fear, our history talk us out of wanting or expecting more. You deserve more, you honestly, truly do.

I am passionate about coaching women, and committed to enhancing your self confidence, your self esteem and your self belief. I'm also a huge believer in needing to just debrief sometimes and not have to make a bigger, better breathe. I will reach out to other high quality services when and if I need to to ensure your success and support. I will always work with my gorgeous, valuable ( yes you are worth and you are valuable to this world) clients in a way that best suits them individually to provide the best possible outcome.

I sincerely believe in providing well priced, high value service packages. As in personal training or any course you have ever attempted to session is helpful but is never going to set you up for success, which is our end goal, so we only offer packages of multiple sessions to ensure your success. BUT hey...feel free to use the CONTACT US page to organise a FREE 15 minute chat to make sure you are ready to commit to change.

Confidante Life Coaching Packages help you to:

  • Priortise your goals

  • Plan your diary (choose your favourite hi-lighter colour for our sessions in your diary!)

  • Keep you accountable

  • Keep you motivated and foccussed

  • Celebrate your wins

All coaching programs are fully customised to your individual needs but include the following:-

  • 45 min scheduled coaching sessions (weekly, fortnightly and/or monthly depending on our goal and timeline) with Lesley - please allow at least any hour in your day as we do things a little differently to other coaches.

  • Complimentary Q&A worksheets.

  • Email and text messaging support.

  • Follow up emails with notes and action plans.

  • Discounted retreat deals

Each packages provides a highly relational and supportive framework for you to explore your beliefs, dreams, values and behaviours whilst working towards achieving the outcomes you want in life. I’d look forward to the journey with you so that you have the clarity and confidence to build a beautiful life.

ALL PACKAGES CAN BE DELIVERED FACE 2 FACE (either at one of our offices, in your space or at a cafe etc) OR ONLINE

APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE 7AM to 9PM Mon - Fri and Weekends by request. I know sometimes the only you time isn't between 9am and 5pm!

Not sure if Life Coaching is what you are looking for?

Check out some of the packages based on client needs we have created below....

One Focus - One Goal

Having that one person to keep you accountable and on track to achieve the goal that you have will increase your chance of success but sometimes we don't want to share with our friends and families that we are working on a goal because it's too personal, what if I fail? what if people laugh? Let me be your cheer squad for every little step of the way.

white and brown wooden welcome signage
white and brown wooden welcome signage
sticky notes on wall
sticky notes on wall
woman spreading her arms
woman spreading her arms
woman in white and black checkered dress shirt holding smartphone
woman in white and black checkered dress shirt holding smartphone
difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations desk decor
difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations desk decor

Taking a Breath and Debrief

Having the time and the space to debrief and re-evaluate. Sometimes it's a challenge life has thrown us and sometimes it's a challenge we have trown life either way we need a safe space to unpack, unload and breathe.

I get to write my final chapter

Death is a part of life. It is an honour to work with women who have choosen to utlise me to plan their funerals...their last celebrations of who they were in this world, to support them in writing and presenting for them their own eulogies, listing the "uninvited" guests and respectfully uninviting them and even organising their "Before I go" events.

photo of multicolored can wall decor
photo of multicolored can wall decor

Well I wasn't expecting that

But what is my purpose?

Work taking it's toll

Well maybe you were and maybe you weren't but either weren't prepared. From dealing with seperation to kids leaving home, to kids returning to home, illness and dreams needed to be amended, to the many side effects and experiences of menopause, as women we deal with so many changes. Every person's journey is different and we need support to manage these milestones and challenges in life.

Working with women that are looking for clarity and direction (closing some of those open tabs!) and looking to change their lives, kick start careers and /or set personal goals. From vision boards to time management and learning to set boundaries we use tools to clarify your goals and make workable, accountable plans to achieve them.

black card
black card
brown hat
brown hat

But what if it does work??

Working it all out

Starting a business is hard...really hard. It can be lonely, it can be filled with self doubt but is can also be amazing...working towards something you own, setting your work / life goals and seeing your hard work come to fruition. Support and mentoring can make the process easier, (even enjoyable!). Bouncing ideas, creating business plans, finding your passion and minimising your risks while utlising your strengths to build your dream

Work takes up a huge part of our lives. When you are unhappy at work, not feeling confident in your role or in your team it can be difficult. Working to let go of negative thought patterns, learn to be assertive and set boundaries in addition to learning to use visualisations to improve your self esteem and confidence

Whether it's family, friends. work, life, a dream, a spark, a worry or a plan...let me work with you to take back control of your life.

The need to seek a life of purpose comes from a lack of passion in our lives, but that feeling goes away when we lead a passion filled life.

You can’t think your way towards your life’s purpose; you have to FEEL your way in. This means taking steps towards what makes your heart sing to help you reflect and follow your dreams to align with your true authentic self.

white ipad on white notebook
white ipad on white notebook

Stuck in a rut?

Dissatisfied but not sure you deserve more?

Just not sure what the first step is?

Just really wanting or needing someone to bounce stuff off?

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